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Accredited by ETDPSETA, HWSETA and the Department of Labour.

ETDPSETA Accreditation Number: ETDP10880 - HWSETA Accreditation Number:HW592LP00079 - DOL Accreditation Number: CI 298/3/12/1

about Corstac

Corstac (PTY) Ltd is a South African Skills and Development Training Company that provides ongoing business training solutions focusing on Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality, Process, People and Training management. We provide world-class innovative and integrated business solutions utilising the best methodologies that ensure alignment of strategic imperatives with the operations of the business.

We assist employers to define frameworks and strategies that enable collaboration with their clients, employees and stakeholders. We facilitate the process of implementation by mentoring and transferring skills until local capacity is attained. Our integrated approach allows us to align requirements to individual business strategies and long-term plans.

Our training introduces new innovations to facilitate broader understanding for productive opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that all trained delegates are equipped with the necessary work related skills for related work opportunities after the program is completed.

We believe that ongoing training and development through a variety of educational methods and skills programmes increases performance and self-fulfilment in the employees of organisations and companies alike, thus by encouraging a corporate culture of continual learning to promote their employees’ growth, skills and productivity they ensure business sustainability and continuity.

Become a renowned and preferred training provider throughout South Africa and a leading learning academy in skills development responding to market related needs. Forwarding the training industry by modernising training and provide our clients with a multi-platform solutions.
Build long lasting relationships with our clients To help clients develop and sustain their training and skills development programmes To enhance client’s value through our customer-designed learning Deliver high standard training that suits the workplace performance needs.


To offer excellent and reliable quality customer service


To demonstrate ethical behaviour, respect and honesty in all our business engagements

Customer Focus

Adding value to our customer base through consultation and skills gap research

VACS Principles

All training is Valid, Authentic, Current and Sufficient.

The Accredited Process we follow

We comply to ISO9001:2015 and have processes inplace to upload students onto the NQF database so that credit can be allocate for training received by Corstac


The student enquires by means of email or phone call regarding student intake and pricing, any further questions the student may have should be addressed at this point to ensure transparency during the application process


The Student enrols by completing the student enrolment documentation and paying the study fees and together with Certified Copies of the student ID and Proof of Residence. This will be used to create an enrolment application on the NQF Database for the student


The student will receive the learner guide(s) with the Learner Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) to complete during the prescribed period. Contact sessions will be scheduled where necessary to ensure all Students are taught at a pace at which the learners are comfortable with and to assist with the completion of the PoE's


After submission of the completed PoE's they are assessed by our Constituent Assessor that is registered by the relevant Authority/SETA to ensure the learners have met all the Exit Level Outcomes and/or Specific Outcomes and if there is a need for remedial action, it is addressed and resubmitted for Re-Assessment.


Assessed PoE's are selected for moderation and submitted to our Constituent Moderator that is registered as prescribed by the relevant Authority/SETA. The Constituent Moderator communicates his findings and feedback is given to the learners regarding the Learner's competency according the Moderators Report.


Application for Verification is made to the Authority/SETA to verify the outcome and endorse the student's results as a competent Student in the field of their studies. This process differs from SETA to SETA due to their policies and procedures. After verification is completed, learners are informed of the outcome and a Statement of Results are issued to them by the relevant Authority/SETA.

Distance learning and Support

Corstac understands real life, not all people have the freedom, convienience or time to attent classroom sessions and may prefer to study at their own pace that suites their needs and capabilities, thus Corstac has developed our Material in such a way that allows for student to study at their place of leisure that is available to them. Those students receive assistance through;

  • Support by means of Emails, Phone calls and other Electronic Communication
  • Extended Submission dates
  • Scheduled Support Days at Various Locations throughout Gauteng
  • Our online portal at www.online-academy.co.za

Although distance learning may be a preferred method throughout South Africa it is not possible to facilitate all courses this way due to assessment requirements such as practical assignments and group activities

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